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Co-brands in Kenya

Co-branded Cards

A co-branded card is a unique all-in-one card which combines the ISIC, IYTC or ITIC card and a partner organisation’s branding and services in an effort to reach a common or shared target market. The result is a convenient card package that allows the cardholder to access both the partner’s product and services, and the ISIC benefits and student identity element all within a single card which features dual branding. Current ISIC co-brand partners include academic institutions, financial institutions and banks, as well as other commercial partners such as transportation and travel insurance companies.

Since a number of years, the ISIC is also distributed as co-brand card, in partnership mainly with banks, schools and universities, student associations, transport companies and/or any organization which is targeting its services to students or youth. These partnerships allow co-brand partners to upgrade their bank, college, transportation or other cards to an official student ID with ISIC, giving the card holders access to all the global and local ISIC benefits. 

With co-branded cards, ISIC or ITIC and a service provider or institute join together to create a unique card with the aim to reach and provide services to a common market.

ISIC has 1,000+ co-brand partnerships with universities and schools, banks and financial institutions and other partners


Why switch your student card to the ISIC card?

The ISIC card combined with your visual identity on your student cards will enable you to:

  • Promote your international scope by making your education policy even more visible to Kenyan and foreign colleagues and potential students that you are an establishment without borders: your students’ status must be recognized around the world,
  • Offer your students a widely accepted card while encouraging them to increase their international mobility. With ISIC, they can organize their overseas travel in the best conditions. The ISIC card provides access to over 42,000+ benefits and discounts relevant to students in 125,000+ locations worldwide relating to travel, everyday life, culture, leisure, etc.,
  • Contribute to welcoming foreign students by offering them, in addition to international benefits, information and discounts in all aspects of everyday life in Kenya,
  • Regroup and develop over time the technological applications of your student card in order to improve the running of your internal services by having the largest possible range of technical solutions, and ...
  • Lastly, offer your teaching staff the ITIC card (International Teacher Identity Card) and your non-teaching staff a Staff card granting access to specific discounts in Kenya and around the world. 

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