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Co-brands in Kenya

Co-brand Technology

When choosing the technology, as ISIC Kenya we recommend to take following issues into consideration:

  • What are my goals- what is my business model? Possible goals: access control, usage tracking, populating database to position you as expert in your market, eligibility control (student=student, staff + student)
  • What are systems in use (existing synergies)? Do you want to be pioneer?
  • What type of technology do I really need?
  • What is the return on investment?

The ISIC card, support for all your technologies

Choice of technology

With ISIC, you have access to all the "cards" technology factory price. We have the ability to provide all existing card technologies:

  1. Barcode
  2. Magnetic stripe
  3. Contact Smart Card
  4. Contactless Smart Card
  5. Near Field Communication


Industrial manufacturing of your cards

With ISIC, you have access to an industrial manufacturing quality, in high definition, regardless of the amounts. This print quality, while meeting the requirements of the international standard ISIC allows optimum final rendering, a must to convey your brand image. We offer all existing card technology at very competitive rates. ISIC offers the possibility to make your cards by industrialist of your choice. ISIC then provides for you, order tracking and manufacturing.

Activities and Day Trips

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